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In her lifetime, Alice has cooked tens of thousands of meals for her large extended family and friends.  If you count servings instead of meals, the numbers would be astronomical. She has trained “on the job” in restaurant kitchens, once as the only American and only female cook in an Indian restaurant.  She has lived and traveled in many regions of the United States and Europe, adding recipes from the cuisines of France, Italy, India, the American Southwest, Midwest, Northeast and Hawai’ian Islands to her extensive repertoire. She translates French and Spanish recipes so that she can bring the indigenous recipes of the Americas to her readers.

Alice started collecting cookbooks in 1964 (with a 49 cent paperback) and has subsequently accumulated a cookbook collection that threatens to overtake her home. Since 2005, she has been the sole author of the very popular gluten-free website gfzing.com, noted for its collection of fine gluten free recipes,  “DIY” (do-it-yourself) sauces, and its engaging writing style.  She is particularly devoted to cooking everything “from scratch.”

Other columns:

Alice’s writing also appears at The Rambling Epicure in the column Alice DeLuca.






Photos: All photos used at the Gf-Zing! website have been created by Alice or Marie DeLuca.  The photos are of real food – no artificial enhancements with odd products to make them look “better” – the photos show the real world.

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