Gluten Free Baking without Tapioca

A reader has asked for advice on gluten free baking without tapioca flour. She says:
I’m just learning to bake GF for my daughter.  She does not like the taste of tapioca flour.  After baking a rejected bread, we lined up all the flours & tasted them to see which one was objectionable.  What do you recommend to replace tapioca?  Would potato starch, corn starch or arrowroot be closest, or a mixture of one of them and sweet rice flour?

Gf-Zing has the following advice:

We think the best option would be to obtain a book of recipes for
gluten free baking without tapioca.  Our favorite is Great Gluten-Free
by Louise Blair, published by Hamlyn in Great Britain in 2007.
This lovely book has some excellent recipes (don’t miss the Victoria
Sandwich Cake on page 124.) This book relies on a simple combination
of rice flour and cornstarch.  The book is available in the U.S.

Likewise, Healthy Gluten-Free Cooking by Darina Allen and Rosemary
Kenney, published by Stewart, Habori and Chang has a few excellent
baking recipes that do not include tapioca.  The book does not have as
many recipes that exclude tapioca, but it is a great cookbook.This
book is also available in the U.S.

Best wishes for gluten-free holidays!

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