Eating for the End of the World

This shows Jan 29 2012 in Mayan calendar notation. It was produced by this nifty Mayan calendar date generator:





I see it’s time to obtain my Mayan calendar refill.  Everyone seems to be preparing for the end of the world, so I searched for a Mayan calendar refill  for the pocket organizer that was going to make me in to a better, more organized and productive person in 1990. A new Mayan calendar, simply starting at December of 2012 instead of ending there, would solve the world-is-ending problem and I could get on to thinking about what to cook.  I did not locate a paper calendar refill but something even better! An enterprising soul has seen this business opportunity, and (incredibly) filed a patent application for a circular wooden version of the ancient Mayan system.  With a purchase of a minimum of 20 wooden calendars, my end-of-the-world problem is solved![i]

Now it’s time to move on to the food. Preparing for the end of the world, any meal might be our last meal, so we should make each one delicious.  Send me your Suggestion for Meals for the End of the World –

your “last meal idea” including a website for a recipe if there is one, and I will post the very best of them in a giant menu of wonderful options. Please  join me in making a time capsule of 2012 eating, (for anyone who still has internet access after the end of the world.)



Note: Eating for the End of the World is a play on words using a song by Elvis Costello lyric “Waiting for the End of the World.”

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